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"Lost Nation!" is your compass for navigating the intricate landscape of issues shaping our world today. With a keen focus on the negative and beneficial aspects, the podcast is a compelling exploration of the forces that mold our global reality.

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Lost Nation: Offering a front-row seat to the ever-evolving narrative of our shared human experience of American Life

“Lost Nation” employs a unique storytelling approach, spotlighting conversations with chroniclers weaving real-life narratives and compelling anecdotes to create a rich tapestry of information. Developed and hosted by Jack MacEnany, Jeff Feingold, and Clark Brandon, each episode dives deep into diverse topics, offering listeners a nuanced understanding of the complexities at play.

Jack McEnany


Jack McEnany is a writer and comic. Back when people bought books, he wrote them. In nearly 50 years of New Hampshire First in the Nation primaries, he's met far too many presidents.

Jack believes from the bottom of his damaged heart that what the Great American Experiment needs most in these ruinous times is three more old white guys running their mouths on a podcast.

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The Team




Jeff Feingold has been a journalist since the day after Election Day, 1976. Since then he’s had the opportunity (misfortune?) of covering the state’s presidential primary. And he’s gotten to see up close the self-importance, never-ending shallowness and often surprising lack of intelligence displayed by dozens of people who think they should be president.

Spoiler alert: One of them always ends up winning.




Clark's creative journey has been a diverse and exciting odyssey, spanning film, the web, and the printed page. This multifaceted approach to the visual arts reflects his passion for marrying technology and storytelling together to foster a dynamic and impactful creative path.

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"001 -- The Fading Relevance of Early Primaries"

Lost Nation’s Newest episode dives into the shifting significance of early caucuses and primaries. Join our hosts as they unravel the intricate history, from the days of Eugene McCarthy in 1968 to the present, exploring how the once-meaningful early primary process has transformed into what the Democratic National Committee now deems "meaningless."

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