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The Coxcomb Speaketh

Bush: The Coxcomb SpeakethFDR famously once told the nation in a time of crisis that “we have nothing to fear but fear itself.” If you’ve ever wondered exactly what he meant by that, you should have watched Bush on television Wednesday night. 

All-but shaking from the booze deprivation he’s suffered these past twenty years, Bush unveiled his latest effort to save his presidency and his family’s legacy – and like everything else he’s ever undertaken, it’s counter to the best advice he’s received, and not only likely to fail, but sure to make the situation worse.

He’s already pulled the trigger on his ill-conceived plan to send 21,500 more soldiers to Iraq – a 30% increase in combat troops. Where will he get them? Who knows? Will the Jihadists match the increase? Of course they will. In six months, will Bill Kristol be on Fox News telling us that we’ll be wrapping things up in another six months? Naturally.

Worse yet, rather than engage Iran and Syria diplomatically to help end the conflict – as the Iraq Study Group advised – he’s putting them on notice that if they screw with us anymore, we’ll invade their countries and get our asses handed to us again.

Never mind what the Democrats have to say about the splurge, Republicans from Colin Powell to Ollie North have derided the plan as addle-headed and doomed to failure. In short, we have nothing to fear but Bush himself.

Hey Jorge, no tiene futuro. No puede ganar. Give it up.


~Jack McEnany

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